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Diamonds are forever. Crystals Are Eternal. Forged by SpaceTime, each crystal is like a facet in an ever expanding Cosmic TV Screen.

Facet to connected TV facets, CrystalsTV channels a clickable crystals content stream that entertains, informs and links to fine rocks from Crystal Shops, crystals news, art, and more exclusive creative CrystalsTV shows from The Bevelverse to discovered Crystal Fossils.


Crystals TV ascent art by Rallins

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At CrystalsTV, we create, license, or buy the finest crystal visuals to showcase crystals. And, as the videos on Crystals TV are clickable, your on-screen merchandise can link directly to your payment page, website, special offer, click-to-call, email, text, or Live Shopping.

Videos can also have your social network links built-in. Contact us to put your listing on Crystals TV. Paid listings deliver a higher quality, more trustworthy, marketplace to viewers than free ad sites do.

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Crystalien Stones

Cave drawings, stone carvings and crystal imprinting are likely benchmarks in the evolutionary history of technological species.

A fossilized contact legacy, across time & space, is written in stone.

The uniquely supreme photonic fossil attributes of crystals naturally serves as the interplanetary cave walls for captured cosmic imprints.

Like cave drawings, Contact Crystal images transmit the basic visual communications declaration: Hello. We are here. Be it intentional messaging or environmental imprints.

On the not so good foot, Mankind's Gotcha! extraterrestrial spy search model hunting aliens' techno smoke signals in space may actually just be signaling humans are not yet ready for Civil Contact.


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